I got charged $39.95 but didn’t buy anything, why is that?

Are you part of the Elite membership?

Elite membership:

Before shipping your Elite Box, we will place a $39.95 authorization charge on your account, to ensure that your card information is valid, so that we may start creating the Elite box for the month.

If the charge passes, it will clear within 1-3 business days and in the meantime we'll begin processing your Elite box. If it won't go through, no box will be created and we'll attempt the pre-authorization charge again after a few days.


Are you part of the VIP membership? 

VIP membership:

The VIP Membership is a flexible but active membership, each month you’ll need to visit your showroom between the 1st and the 5th of the month to either make a purchase or Skip The Month (a button in your showroom)

$39.95 will be charged on your card and appear on your Adore Me account as store credit if you choose not to Skip or purchase within the 1st to the 5th.

Your store credit will remain active on your account and you can shop with it anytime!


Would you like a store credit refund?

Store credit resulting from the monthly charge on the 6th are refundable within your account without having to call or email us up to 30 days of the date of the initial charge. 

To request a refund:


Select "Account Dashboard" tab

Click on "Request A Refund" button

Allow 1-3 business for the refund to appear in your account

Need additional help? Feel free to contact us at help@adoreme.com.

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