How do I cancel my VIP Membership?

Though we’re sorry you wish to unsubscribe, we completely understand and respect your decision. 

To cancel your subscription, be sure you are logged into your account and click here to follow the steps towards "You have unsubscribed from the VIP Membership".


Before you go, we’d like to make sure you know all your options as we’d hate for you to lose out on perks without being fully informed.

Do you know that with the VIP Membership: 

  • You don't have to pay every month! You can skip the month as many times as you want and even pause your membership without losing your perks.
  • We send reminder emails and SMS alerts every month before your store credit charge. This way you'll have enough time to Skip The Month in case you don’t plan on shopping.
  • If you forget to skip you can refund the charge directly in your account.
  • You get $10 off any set
  • You automatically get a FREE set after every 5th full-priced set purchased.
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