{ELITE} When do I get charged?

Let’s take it step by step: 

First, there’s the Elite box styling fee: it should show up right before our styling team starts working on your box of goodies. 

Then, for the products you keep (yay), it happens at the end of the seven days try at home period; there’s two scenarios:

  1. You went online and told us what you kept and what you returned: in this case, you will only see a charge for what you kept (so if you keep nothing, no extra charge!) - super simple.
  2. If we have no information from you, the system will assume you kept everything and if there’s any items you’re sending back (and they’re in good condition), we’ll issue a refund as soon as we receive and process them. 

Oh, and shipping and returns are FREE, always. Find out how to return your Elite box here.

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